We visited a Christmas fair and recapped new trends for New Year decorations from around the world.

Over 1040 exhibitors from 43 countries attended the Christmas fair! Because of such large attendance, we took our time and visited every stand and examined every product to make a thorough recap of this year’s new trends. Since tastes in decorations differ, this year’s trends are so unalike that we can assure there is a perfect decoration for everyone.

New Year decorations – TRENDS 2020

Naravno in čisto

novoletna dekoracija novoletne jelkeNaravne, ročno narejene in enostavne dekoracije so prava pot! Takšne dekoracije oddajajo občutek udobja in ustvarijo domač ambient v mrzlih zimskih nočeh.

Zemeljske barve povezujejo sodobne, domače in naravne izglede. Povezava le teh se ustvari z združevanjem mirnih, hladnih in čistih nevtralnih barv s toplimi in kot-zažganimi odtenki pa z dodatkom avokado zelene barve. Surovi, matirani in nerafinirani zaključki še najbolj poudarjajo ta spontan izgled. Zemeljske barve kot so oreh, temno rdeča in avokado – svetlejša zelena letos vodijo barve novoletnih dekoracij. Izsušena, neravna, divja  zunanjost in zgubane teksture definirajo pravi pomen narave in realizma.

Elegant, glamorous and unique

Umetne jelke dekoracija trend 2020Lively and vibrant colors, combined with elegant dark tones run into one another – together with iridescent surfaces, they create an impeccable setting.

This trend is based on a vibrant base color. Underneath the elegant, dark nuances there is a mix of striking, intense colorways. Altering metallic shades reveal an exciting “color melting” effect.

The materials successfully bring out dramatic effects through polished metallic surfaces and glittering opalescence. A representative of this elegant trend is of sparkly discs, lurex and lamé effects sequins, ultra-glossy finishes, velvet, and shimmering feathers. Typical, too, are metallic and marbling luster in gold or bronze and crystalline rock textures which orchestrate the striking, iridescent glassware.


Natural and pure

Novoletne jelke - novoletna dekoracijaNatural, hand-made and simplistic decorations are the way to go! It radiates a feeling of comfort and creates a perfect atmosphere in the cold winter evenings lying by the fireplace.

Earthy colors link contemporary, homely and organic looks. This is achieved by the meeting of calm, cool and purist neutrals with warm, burnt tones and a matcha green. Raw, matt and unrefined finishes highlight this spontaneous appearance. Earthy colors such as walnut shell, burnt crimson and matcha green take lead in this year’s festive decorations. A parched, uneven, rugged exterior and shriveled textures all try to define the true meaning of nature and realism.

Peace and serenity

novoletna dekoracija - novoletne jelkenovoletna dekoracija - novoletne jelkeStars, stardust, Moon, and moonlight are the inspiration for these festive decorations, which create a clean and reductionist impact. These motifs also design a poetic and modern fairy-tale atmosphere.

This trend follows a path of clean festive decorations and toying with abnormal shapes and exterior surfaces. Colors range from pastels to more neutral colors to a purist cool gold, which is accompanied by reflective light, haziness and misted visual effects to perfect this look. Different materials such as paper, stone, and pearls underpin the popular colors and visual effects to create a more natural atmosphere.

New shapes and textures are what distinguish this surreal, other-worldly style. It involves dainty glassware (usually includes soft reliefs), ultra-smooth and high-gloss surfaces are combined with matt finishes, stone effects, creased, folded and pleated surfaces, as well as high-quality, often natural papers.


novoletna dekoracija 2019 by Bonsai - umetne jelkeNarava predstavlja velik vir navdiha za vse štiri predstavljene trende. V ospredju velja omeniti predvsem les, iz katerega se izdelajo okraski, podstavki za sveče ter različne dekoracije v obliki živali.

Pri izbiri barv, dominirajo modri in zeleni toni in tako kot material, so tudi barve navdih narave, pri izbiri svetil pa se sedaj prehaja iz hladne barve v tople.

Božične okraske se lahko kombinira s cvetličnimi aranžmaji (tako svežimi kot umetnimi), izredno popoularne so prozorne božične kroglice napolnjene s kakšno svetlečo dekoracijo, lahko pa uberemo povsem drugačno pot in letošnje drevesce okrasimo v eksotični  tematiki, kot na sliki desno.

Playful and vivacious

novoletne dekoracijeVintage pieces are rarely so vigorous and effortlessly cheerful.

Ornaments bubble over with wit, charm, and colors such as radiant orchid, peach, powder pink, maize, magenta, autumn maple, tan and evergreen. All these colors put together to make a very lively Christmas decoration.

Cloudy white glass, colored clear, milky glass, as well as glass latticino patterns,  are used for complicated and detailed decoration of vases and candleholders. Knitted items with imaginative patterns and creative origami go hand in hand with this year’s sweet fantasy trend. Most popular are a brightly-colored mix of diamonds, trimmings, checks, and edgings also drawings and hand-written patterns.

We follow New Year trends and offer state of the art artificial fir trees and decorations at affordable prices.

Artificial fir trees 2020

This year we offer artificial fir trees in a special natural look due to our new materials and new production techniques. We offer artificial fir and spruce trees that range in height from 60cm to 300cm, big fir trees above 300 cm are only available for commission.   Our artificial fir trees are predominantly made from 100% PE material, which makes trees feel natural to the human touch. Our artificial fir trees are not easily flammable, which plays a big part in the users’ safety!


Natural appearance is very important for the perfect New Year decorations.


Umetne jelke - božične jelke - novoletne jelke

The branches include an enormous amount of spruce twigs that are made with lots of details in mind. You may also choose fir trees with spruce needles slightly curved towards its center, the middle of the needles is brown and the ends of the needles are of a lighter green shade. They are a great and significant imitation of natural fir trees.

New Year artificial fir trees – Christmas fir trees with twigs made from PE material include spruce needles that never fall off of branches.

Mostly all of our artificial fir trees have a built-in mechanism that allows the user a quick and easy installation. With the fire tree, you also get a metal stand for the tree and a box for correctly storing your tree. Our artificial fir trees have a compact construction.

Where can I view and take possession of my artificial fir tree?


After you call in advance to express your wish to buy a tree you may come to our shop Bonsai dekorativne rastline on Blatnica 16 Street Slovenia where you can take a look at the artificial trees and many other New Year decorations! Free parking is guaranteed.



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Diferent types of fir trees

300 cm

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With our expertise, we can give you advice and we can also decorate your living space with the latest trends.


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Artificial fir trees in order by type

novoletna jelka - umetne jelke
Umetna jelka Slim - umetne jelke Bonsai
umetni borovec - umetni bor
umetne jelke - novoletne jelke bele zasnežene
umetne jelke Milano

Green artificial fir trees

Classic with a very popular shape and tree color. We offer fir trees exclusively with PVC/pe or 100% pe needles because it gives trees an outstanding natural look. Our first tree is the Berlin tree affordable price with lots of branches. A higher-quality grade of trees is Tokyo, Sankt Moritz PE/pc and Paris. The highest quality grade is special artificial fir trees that are made with extreme detail and contain special materials. The Sankt Moritz PE fir tree and the Nature edition fir tree (which comes with a wooden stand) are trees that belong in the highest quality grade.

Slim artificial fir trees

Exceptionally practical in smaller spaces. These kinds of fir trees have a slim and elegant shape. You can choose between two different models: Praga and Slim which are available in sizes ranging from 120cm to 366cm.

Artificial pine trees

Artificial pine trees have an exceptionally thick and bushy treetop and are getting popular with each passing year. We offer pine trees in sizes ranging from 150cm to 240cm which are decorated with natural pine cones (they can be removed). An artificial pine tree will create a pleasant ambient.

Snowy artificial fir trees

This tree is perfect for anyone and everyone that wants to create a winter wonderland inside their very home. The snow is well placed and made of high quality. You can choose between two types of trees which differ mainly in their shape (cone shape or bell shape). Their sizes range from 150 cm to 245 cm.

Artificial grey-silver christmas trees

They are similar to green artificial fir trees but the color of the needles is a bit different-these needles are more of a silver-gray color. It’s a very interesting tree especially when you decorate it with modern ornaments and give it a more frozen look. They are available in the size 215 cm which is the Milano model and also belongs in the highest quality grade.



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